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Remedies for common winter ailments

Come winter, and we’re all ready with our wardrobe makeover – full of sweaters, warm clothes and mittens. We sure do take all the essential care to keep ourselves warm, safe and protected during winters. But the germs and viruses are still in the air. And despite the care, we still fall prey to ailments winter brings along with it. So let’s have a look at the remedies which will help you tackle the winter ailments:

  1. Common cold:
    This is something we all fall prey to. And the remedies are pretty simple – a tall glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric in it. The warm milk will comfort you and the turmeric, that’s loaded with antioxidants, will be perfect to help you get rid of all the cold-causing elements. You could also have a glass of warm water mixed with a little honey – it will quickly relieve you of the unease caused by cold.
  2. A sore throat:
    If not treated properly, it can even leave you voiceless for a while! Well, the remedy for a sore throat is simple – just crush a little bit of ginger and add some honey to it. Keep this mixture aside for a while and then consume it bit by bit. It will ease your sore in no time! The spice of the garlic and the healing properties of honey will bring in quick relief. You can also suck on a single pepper and see the magic it works on your damaged throat!Sore-Throat
  3. Dry skin:
    While this is not an ailment causing you the trouble of any kind, we’re sure not fans of dull, flaky looking skin! Winter calls in for moisturization – you can use heavy moisturizers during winter to keep the moisture nicely locked in the skin. For natural moisturizers, you can opt for coconut oil to keep your skin soft and supple.
  4. Influenza:
    Flu comes in as a combination of all winter ailments together – fever, cold, sore throat. So you have to be even more wary of flu. Don’t try to treat flu at home – rush your child to the doctor immediately and start off with the prescribed medicines and diet. Other care is very vital when it comes to flu – the proper care will ensure the symptoms don’t aggravate.

There you go – winter ailments and their simple remedies!

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