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How to manage hypertension

Stressful lives that we lead have left even the young, active, hale and hearty young people with hypertension. Where this sad reality is leading us to is a different aspect altogether, but for now, we’ll focus on how to manage hypertension. A variety of factors – lifestyle and diet cause hypertension, diet included. So what should you do to keep your blood pressure under control? Let’s have a quick look:

The sole solution to most of the illnesses we come across is exercise. But that’s what we hate doing the most! But yes, exercise is a must for those with hypertension. Exercise helps to regulate the blood flow and pressure and bring it back to normal. So yes, exercise, all you can, as much as you can and do it every day!


Lower down on processed food:
Processed food naturally contains a lot of salt, and consuming this food means the intake of additional salt. So cut down on processed food and opt for fresh, healthier options such as fruits and salads to munch to snack on.

Cut down on sodium intake:
There’s no alternative to this – sodium is known to aggravate hypertension since quite a long time now. So cut down your salt intake. If you can’t do without salt in your food, you have to cut down step by step –and reach your ultimate goal of low sodium. Now that you are depriving your body of sodium, you can alternatively increase potassium content instead. Potassium is found in bananas, milk, yogurt, fish, spinach and other greens.


Reduce caffeine intake:
We know it’s hard to kickstart the day without that cup of strong black coffee. Agreed. But what f this cup loaded with caffeine is detrimental to your health. You have to, of course, consider cutting down or eliminating it right? So do it – and do it step by step. If you have four cups of coffee a day, bring it down to two. Even in those two cups, reduce the amount of coffee you add. You’ll notice the difference it makes in your pressure levels. You can always opt for healthier, fresh fruit juices to get over your coffee pangs.

Stop smoking and drinking:
Everything in a limit is fine (though this is not applicable for smoking). The minute you overdo things, your body reacts. To keep your blood pressure under control, you have to take efforts to quit smoking and limit your alcohol intake. Both of these have harmful elements which adversely affect your health – so stay away!

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